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How Does the Wiseguy Alerts Board Work?
How Does the Wiseguy Alerts Board Work?

A closer look at one of the most powerful tools we offer

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The Wiseguy Alerts board is one of the tools in the Steamroom that provides you with a curated feed of options order flow. In addition, the alerts board is a great way to quickly get a high-level overview of the market sentiment at any given time.

Order Types

The board will catch what Wall St. Jesus deems to be aggressive order flow.

Although the board will present both block and sweep orders, Jesus recommends focusing on sweeps only.


This column shows you which type of bet that was placed:

Green "C" = Bought Calls (bullish bet)

Red "P" = Bought Puts (bearish bet)
โ€‹Green "PS" = Sold Puts (bullish bet)

Red CS = Sold Calls (Bearish Bet)


Red "C" = Bought Calls (bearish bet)

Green "P" = Bought Puts (Bullish bet)


The best solution to focus on sweeps is to use a filter.

Multiple Feeds

Another helpful feature is the ability to pop out and utilize several feeds at once.

After clicking the "pop-out" icon, you can go back to the "Tools" menu and open up another Wiseguy Alerts feed. You can have as many feeds as you want open at any time, and you can use different filters for each one.

Column Explanations

Received = When the order was received (in your local time).

Sym = The ticker symbol for the underlying stock.

Expires = The expiration date for the option.

Strike = The strike price for the option.

Ref = Price of the underlying stock when the order was received.

Type = Shows whether the order was a block or a sweep.

Size = The total dollar amount of the option order.

Sentiment = Shows whether the order was a put or a call.

Questions or suggestions?

Please reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions.

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