How Do Wiseguy Alert Filters Work?

Let's take a look at how you can utilize filters to your advantage

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Wiseguy Alert Filters refine the type of orders you are scanning for and allow you to focus on the orders that are important to your trading style. You can create unique scans using custom filters based on order type, size, tickers, sectors, and more.

Order attributes you can create your filters from

Order Type

Filtering by order type enables you to select if you want to receive block orders and sweeps or only sweeps. Wall St. Jesus recommends focusing on sweep orders, so many users filter out the blocks.


If you want to create a watchlist or only trade a limited number of stocks, filtering by ticker is a great feature. Simply add the stocks you trade into the ticker field to set up a dedicated scan for those names.


If you follow or like to trade specific sectors, use the sector drop down to create a filter for orders within this particular sector.


Perma bull or perma bear? No problem! The sentiment filter lets you filter for calls or puts only.


Filtering by condition allows you to create a filter and scan for opening orders.


Filter and scan for orders between or of certain dollar size.

Date Range

Filter and scan for order on a certain date or between a specific date range.

Pro Tips

Here are a couple of tips to get even more value out of the filters.


Turning on notifications enables browser notifications for your custom filter.

We all know the trading day can be hectic! Notifications are a great way to ensure you don't miss the orders that are important to you.

Multiple Feeds

Some might not know that you can run multiple scans at once.

Click the "pop out" button in the top corner, then go to tools, and you can open up a new alert board. You can open up as many alert boards as you want, and by using the filters, you can set up different scans for each.

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