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Platform Updates (02/15/2023)
Platform Updates (02/15/2023)
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Here is what we recently updated:

New Wiseguy Alerts Statistics Dashboard

We have added a Wiseguy Alerts stats dashboard that shows you live statistics for the order flow you are currently viewing on the alert board.

Click here to read more about how to use the stats dashboard.

New Aggregated Stats Tool

We have added a new "aggregate orders" button to the Wiseguy Alert board.

The aggregation button aggregates orders by symbol, strike, and expiration. This will show the total number of orders and premiums for a specific expiration date and strike price.

Fixed Broadcast Button for TradeSpace Twitch

We fixed an issue where the broadcast button for TradeSpace was not lighting up red when TradeSpace went live on Twitch.

Other Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some order flow alerts that were posted with wrong expirations.

  • Fixed weekly filters that were not saving correctly.

  • Fixed TTP trial sign-up.

  • Fixed issue with changing payment method.

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