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Platform Updates (08/29/2022)
Platform Updates (08/29/2022)
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Here is what we recently updated:

New Platform Tutorials

We have added new videos showing you how to utilize our platform in the best way possible. Learn how to navigate our rooms and tools, how to use the search function etc. Head to "Learn" then "Platform Tutorials" or click here.

Pinned Messages

We have added the ability for administrators to pin messages to each chat room. Simply click the "Pin" icon next to the chatroom names to access important messages and links for each room.

Chat Room Descriptions

Chat rooms now have a channel description to help identify the purpose and intention of each room.

Auto Closing of Broadcasts

The broadcast window will now close automatically after a live broadcast has ended. No more need to close those empty windows!

Start a Broadcast Before it Goes Live

You can now open and start a broadcast before it goes live. As soon as the broadcast begins, you will be tuned in!

One Room for Off-Topic Communication

We merged the TTP Off-Topic room with the Steamroom Off-Topic room. Members of each service can now communicate about non-market and trading-related topics in this room.

Questions or suggestions?

Please reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions.

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