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Platform Updates (04/26/2022)
Platform Updates (04/26/2022)
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Here is what we recently updated:

Quick Search for Wiseguy Alerts

We added a "quick search" bar to the Wiseguy alert board. The quick search is the fastest and easiest way to look up order flow in a specific stock. Simply type in the ticker you want to see order flow for, and it will appear on the board. New orders that come in will also appear in the search.

Call Sellers and Put Seller Visualized on Wiseguy Alert Board.

We added call sellers and put sellers as two new order types on the alert board. You are now able to visualize when Wiseguys sell call or put premium. Call sellers show up as CS and put sellers as PS in the sentiment column on the board.

Support for Multiple Broadcasts.

We added the ability to stream multiple broadcasts, and our educators can now go live simultaneously. Simply click on the broadcast button and select the stream you want to watch.

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