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Platform Updates (02/15/2022)
Platform Updates (02/15/2022)
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Here is what we recently updated:

All orders are now hitting the Alert Board

Until recently, there was a discrepancy between the Wall St. Jesus Only feed and the Wiseguy Alert board. Orders that Wall St. Jesus manually picked out simply only hit the WSJ feed and not the Wiseguy alert board. We made an update so that all orders are posted in both places. You can safely pick to use either tool and be sure not to miss any orders.

New widget for following any user

We added a new tool that lets you follow any one of our members.

Simply add the users you want to follow in the top bar and you will get a dedicated feed with messages from only the user or users you select. You can also use the search bar below to locate specific messages or search phrases from those users.

Improved Tool Tips

We improved upon our tooltips and FAQ articles related to each individual tool.

Click the "Learn More" link to access more detailed articles on how to best utilize our tools.

We also fixed:

Search not properly displaying results for "in:" search

We fixed an issue where the main search tool was not delivering correct results when the "in:" search modifier was used.

Questions or suggestions?

Please reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions.

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