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How to Use the Ronchero Only Messages Tool
How to Use the Ronchero Only Messages Tool
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In the Ronchero only messages feed, you will only see messages from our educator Ron Friedman. If you wish to only focus on what Ronchero has to say, this is the tool for you.


Using the search bar for the Ronchero Only tool is a great way to locate and filter out specific phrases that are important to you. You can search for any word or combination of words included in his posts.
Here are some examples of what you can search for:

  • "SPY Calls"

  • "TSLA Puts"

  • "Iron Condor"

  • "Morph"

Multiple Feeds

After clicking the "pop-out" icon, you can go back to the "Tools" menu and open up another Ronchero Only feed. You can have as many feeds as you want open at any time, and you can use different search terms for each one.


Notifications are another feature that can be very helpful. You have the option to choose both sound and desktop notifications. Any time Ronchero makes a post that fits your search criteria, you will be notified with your notification of choice.

Questions or suggestions?

Please reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions.

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