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Platform Updates (11/16/2021)
Platform Updates (11/16/2021)
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Here is what we rolled out:

New search bar added to Wall St. Jesus Only widget.

You can now search for any word or combination of words in the Wall St Jesus only feed. This is a simple and fast way to search for specific tickers, order types, and directional plays.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to utilize this new feature.

Here are a few examples of how you can use this search:

  • If you want all AAPL orders, Search AAPL

  • If you want all bullish AAPL orders: Search AAPL bullish

  • If you want all AAPL put orders: Search AAPL puts

  • If you want all AAPL call sweeps: Search AAPL call sweeps

Desktop notifications for Wall St. Jesus Only search.

We also added the ability to receive desktop notifications for search phrases.

Click the "Enable Desktop Notifications" button to receive notifications for the incoming post that fits your search criteria.

Sound notifications for Wall St. Jesus Only search.

If you do not want to receive desktop notifications, you can also be notified through a sound alert. You will receive an audio alert for any search phrases that fit your search terms.

Automatically scrape and save new tickers for Wiseguy Alert filters.

We created a script that adds any ticker that has received order flow to the Wiseguy alerts filter. This will ensure that you can add filters or alerts for any stock that has received option flow. If the ticker does not exist in the ticker list, we have never received any flow for it.

Questions or suggestions?

Please reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions...

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