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Platform Updates (11/01/2021)
Platform Updates (11/01/2021)
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Here is what we rolled out.

Browser notifications for Wiseguy Alert filters.

We have added the possibility to receive browser notifications for orders that match your filters. This is a great way to get notified when your favorite ticker or type of order gets posted.

In the example below, the user would get notified when sweeps in any of the ETF's added to the filter gets posted to the Wiseguy Alert board.

Allow trial members to post in Off-Topic.

Friendly conversations and chatter is great but we strive to keep certain rooms strictly focused on trading. Due to too much chatter in the New Members room, we decided to open up the Off-Topic channel to trial members as well.

Fix โ€œIn:โ€ search phrase.

We previously had a bug where using the search phrase "In:" to search in a specific chat room, did not deliver any results. This is now fixed and you can use "In:" followed by the name of the room you are trying to search within.

Questions or suggestions?

Please reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions...

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