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Trading SPY Based on the Squeeze-O-Meter
Trading SPY Based on the Squeeze-O-Meter

Using the intraday sentiment indicator at the extremes to trade the S&P500 ($SPY)

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The Squeeze-O-Meter is an intraday indicator that provides traders with the overall market sentiment. Ronchero, and other members in TTP, will typically use the Squeeze-O-Meter in conjunction with tape and flow to generate a view of the market.

In the TTP room, the Squeeze-O-Meter helps us find levels of extremes. This allows us to make actionable trades such as getting long, getting short, and writing options for premium collection.

When the meter is below 40, traders in the room start to consider a long bias.

When the meter is above 65, or better even at or above 70, traders start to consider a short bias.

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