What Are Wiseguy Alerts?

Understanding the Wiseguys

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The Wiseguy Alerts is a consolidated feed of the most important options order flow.

What does “most important” mean? The Wiseguy Alerts represent the action outside of a normal distribution for activity in the name. In other words, we’re seeing a deviation from the norm significant enough that it could mean something unusual is happening.

There are two steps to our process for selecting what gets published to the Wiseguy Alerts:

  1. Proprietary algorithms: This part is fully automated. First, our filters scan for the criteria we have identified as the most important. Then, some of the orders that fit these criteria get automatically published to the Wiseguy Alert board (bypassing step #2 below).

  2. Wall St. Jesus: Most orders don’t get published until Wall St. Jesus looks at them and decides they’re relevant. This is one of the biggest things that makes the Steamroom unique. Our process ensures that the Flow expert—the man who has spent more time watching flow than you have Netflix, ESPN, Twitter, and your children’s baseball games combined—is deciding whether an order is relevant or not, which further cuts out a massive amount of noise. Unfortunately, we’re still not at the point where we can automate the human brain’s supercomputer.

This is where our Wiseguy Alerts differ from other options order flow services. Most flow providers do not differentiate between orders and treat all flow equally, whereas we have Wall St. Jesus live every day to determine what orders are worth looking at.

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