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Flow is a running ledger of the most important transactions occurring in a particular option. This information, when you know how to use it, provides a glimpse into the future by showing you the bets that can move markets.

From a trading perspective, you’re trying to identify which direction the flow is leaning. Is it bullish, bearish, or inconclusive? Logically, you’re looking to keep yourself on the side of strength.

And equities traders take note, this stuff applies to you too. Hedging goes both ways. Options bets are hedged in equities and equity bets are hedged in options.

In other words, that huge equity block could just be someone hedging a block of options they just sold. You’ll only know if you follow the Flow.

The Wiseguy Alerts and Private Twitter Feed provide the most important flow based on algorithmic filters, and, most importantly, Wall St. Jesus’ professional opinion. Yes, every alert that you see has been blessed by the son of the options Gods himself.

It’s important to note that flow is not a buy or sell signal.

You can’t just see an order and assume that, on its own, it’s telling you to place a trade.

Flow is only valuable when you place it into a larger context. That’s why the Steamroom has Wall St. Jesus live on the microphone throughout the day as well as an incredible community of traders analyzing what matters and what doesn’t.

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