How Does the Squeeze-O-Meter Work?

Let's take a look at how you can use the Squeeze-O-Meter to your advantage

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The Squeez-O-Meter is an intra-day retail trader sentiment indicator set by Wall St. Jesus throughout the day.

When the meter is reading “Bullish” you might want to consider a long bias.

When the meter reading is “Bearish” you might want to consider a short bias.

The number in the middle of the meter represents the percentage of retail flow that is leaning bullish. Since we typically want to do the opposite of what retail traders are doing, a low number results in a “Bullish” reading on the Squeeze-O-Meter.

Although the meter goes from 0-100 it is rare to see a bullish reading below 30 and a bearish reading above 80.

Many traders in the room start considering a long bias when the meter reads below 40 and a short bias over 65.

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